• Opening of Genesis, Wong Chuk Hang’s first factory-turned commercial building


  • Hip Shing Hong is awarded the "10 Year+ Caring Company" Logo by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service
  • Le Riviera, a residential project in Shau Kei Wan, Hong Kong Island, is launched


  • Hip Shing Hong celebrates its 65th anniversary


  • Opening of Hotel Madera Hong Kong - Hip Shing Hong's first hotel


  • Hip Shing Hong wins a number of awards, including “Special Award for SMEs” at the 2011 Hong Kong Management Association's Quality Awards, “Manpower Developer” by the Manpower Developer Award Scheme of the Employees Retraining Board, “Best Managed Property” Award and “Best Security Guard” Award at the Kowloon West Best Security Services Awards 2010, as well as “Customer Service Excellence Award for SME 2010” by the Hong Kong Association for Customer Service Excellence, to name a few.


  • Hip Shing Hong is awarded the "5 Year+ Caring Company" logo by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service
  • Groundbreaking ceremony for Hotel Madera Hong Kong, the company’s first hotel project, is held


  • Mr. Fong Man Hung, David takes over as Managing Director
  • Hip Shing Hong receives the "Class of Excellence" Wastewi$e label at the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence run by the Environmental Campaign Committee


  • Hip Shing Hong celebrates its 60th anniversary


  • Partnering with Henderson Land Development and New World Development, Hip Shing Hong ventures into the hotel business and starts exploring other commercial property ventures


  • Hip Shing Hong is awarded the "Caring Company" logo by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service


  • Hip Shing Hong wins bidding for what is now the Hip Shing Hong Centre in Central amid the SARS outbreak and make the building its company headquarters in January 2004


  • Hip Shing Hong first enters the serviced apartment business with Excellent Court in Kowloon's Jordan district (Now as Madera Residences)


  • Hip Shing Hong acquires a commercial building, to be known as Hip Shing Hong Mongkok Plaza


  • The International Asteriod/Comet Naming Committee names an asteroid (5198), discovered by the Purple Mountain Observatory in Nanjing, after Dr. Fong Yun Wah


  • Mr. Fong Man Hung, David returns to Hong Kong from the United States and become the Deputy Managing Director


  • Hip Shing Hong announces its plans for privatisation to facilitate philanthropic projects


  • Fong Shu Fook Tong Foundation, which was established in 1970, starts supporting education programmes at Hong Kong's nine tertairy institutions


  • Hip Shing Hong is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, priced at HK $1 per share


  • The Real Estate Developers Association of Hong Kong is first established, and Dr. Fong Yun Wah as one of the 68 founding members


  • Hip Shing Hong starts selling its first residential building – Kam Wah Building


  • Hip Shing Hong wins bidding for a 20,000-square-foot plot at 33-35 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Aberdeen - the first land purchase made by the company


  • Hip Shing Hong becomes the biggest cinnamon exporter in Hong Kong


  • Mr. Fong Shu Chuen starts in the cinnamon and sesame trade, importing from the Mainland and exporting to the United States. In April, Hip Shing Hong is established on Wing Wo Street, Central


  • Mr. Fong Shu Chuen and his oldest son, Mr. Fong Yun Wah established Yee Tak Sesame Factory in Shau Kei Wan