Protect Our Environment


As a responsible corporate citizen, Hip Shing Hong (Holdings) Company Limited seeks to minimize the impact of our activities through active enforcement and established policies and management systems. We adopt green initiatives at all stages of our operations and are committed to promoting green living to staff and the community.

We closely monitor our environmental performance and undertake a variety of green initiatives. Our projects abide by green construction principles and adopt stringent standards minimizes the impact of our work on the local environment. Hip Shing Hong continuously adopts innovative techniques and measures in different areas to protect the environment:

  • Application of LED lightings at new renovated areas and use of self-generating hydropower sensor faucet at new renovated lavatory areas to achieve energy saving
  • Application of "Biozone" air purifier and "Odour" filter to improve air quality
  • Regular maintenance of the premises' fresh water plumbing systems to enhance water quality
  • Use of acoustic silencer to chiller units to minimize the noise pollution
  • Regular review on tenant mix and the selection of potential tenants with reference to their environmental impact to the public

Our effort in contributing to a greener society was endorsed by the “Green Management Award” and “Green Purchaswise Award” of the Hong Kong Green Awards 2011 by the Hong Kong Green Council. In 2012, we were awarded the “Low-carbon Office Operations Program (LOOP) Platinum Award” by the WWF, and “PowerSmart Contest 2012 - Biggest Recommendation Certificate (Property Management)” by the Friends of the Earth (HK). We were also the first property developer in town to receive the “CarbonCare Champion Label”, an honour in recognition of our pioneering initiatives in reducing carbon emission.

Apart from that, we actively engage in raising employee awareness of environmental protection, and conduct a variety of campaigns to promote a green lifestyle, including the reinforcement of a green living checklist, and organization of carbon emissions reduction campaign and green office campaign.