Hip Shing Hong (Holdings) Company Limited firmly believes that a corporation's long term success is built on a strong sense of responsibility for its stakeholders and the community. We are proud that it has long been Hip Shing Hong’s fine tradition that we adhere to the principle of “Corporate Social Responsibility” and join hands with our stakeholders to deliver win-win solutions to our treasured customers and to advance Hong Kong’s economy.

Aside from paying close regard to serving our customers and securing attractive returns to our shareholders, we consider it our basic duty to reciprocate to the community and have respect for the environment. In 2009, we launched the graffiti campaign "Spray Your Rainbow”, with an aim to promote graffiti as an art to the public and provide a platform for students to develop creativity and express their thoughts.

To care for our environment, Hip Shing Hong adopts green initiatives at all stages of our operations and is committed to promoting green living to both staff and the community.

In 2014, Hip Shing Hong was awarded the “10 Years+ Caring Company Logo” by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service in recognition of our commitment in good corporate citizenship with extraordinary effort for 10 consecutive years.